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The future depends on

what you do in the present



African American Couple

Therapy Services Provided

When we meet, we will talk about your personal challenges, and any perceptions or behaviors that you feel may keep you from leading the life you want for yourself, your family, or significant others. As a solution-focused therapist, I will help you work towards your goals. Together we’ll devise a plan to help you gain understanding, insight and practical solutions.

This integrative approach views you as a complete person, taking into account your mind, body, spirit, culture and personal history. You’ll learn valuable tools to help you cope with stress, be able to identify triggers and end destructive habits. Being able to understand yourself will not only improve your health, but your relationships with others as well. The healthier you are the better equipped you will be to build lasting and loving relationships.


Through my extensive personal and professional experience I have developed a vast and deep therapy tool kit. Some areas I specialize in are:

  • Transition Management
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Parenting Support
  • Work and Career Issues
  • Cross-cultural Relationships
  • Identity Issues (e.g., LGBTQ, ethnic, socioeconomic, etc.)
  • Addiction and Recovery


I work with individuals, couples, and families, helping to strengthen communication and support healthy interactions and relationships. With a personalized and integrated approach, I will help you attain the personal growth you seek.


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